"I just can't stop recording"


Dave Grohl has told NME that 2005 will "reinstate peoples faith in music" it being the year he plays on no fewer than three different albums.

Talking about his own in-progress collection:
"It is gonna be a double album, but it's not just a bunch of songs. But it isn't a concept record either. All I can say is it's gonna blow people away. And it's really far beyong anything I've ever expected the band to do. I'm really looking forward to it. We've kinda finished recording the rock part of the album and we're gonna get in on the acoustic stuff pretty soon. It's amazing."

The former Nirvana drummer has also been busy with his sideline as jobbing drummer:
"I play on a Garbage track called 'Bad Boyfriend'. Butch Vig called me and said 'Come in and play on it', and you know, if there's anyone in the world I owe a favour to it's that dude, so I figured I'd go and do it, and it was a lot of fun."
"And I played on the new Nine Inch Nails record. That was just fucking incredible. It's gonna be a great year for albums. I think this year is gonna make people feel a lot better about music. If the last few years have maybe got people down a little with the quality of people's albums, I think this year's gonna open up people's heads a lot more and there'll be a lot of records that will reinstate people's faith in music and rock'n'roll and bands and whatever you wanna call it. All the stuff I've heard that's coming up this year is fucking mind-bending."