Newsbeat Interview

BBC Radio One

Dave with Natalie at Studio 606 How long have you been here?
"Well, we built this place a year and a half ago or something."
And you've got all your fun stuff here.
"Yeah, it's ridiculous. It's dumb - I'm almost 40, I shouldn't have videogames....but I do!"
And you're teaching yourself piano?
"I can't read music so I'm like 'Maybe I should take lessons to learn piano', and then I thought 'I don't want to' because really it's the way that you do it that counts and if you do it the way you do it then there ya go. And I've started writing all this music..... but I still love Motorhead too!"
Music wise what are you listening to at the moment?
"Y'know, I like the Arctic Monkeys stuff man, I really like it. Last time we where over there I saw a live performance on TV and they were badass man. The drummer is killer."
Your wife is pregnant - when is the baby due?
"In a matter of weeks."
How are the nerves?
"I usually don't talk about it when we're doing interviews, but I'm really not nervous at all. I've been waiting for something to change my life since I was eighteen years old. I don't have a problem with the blood and guts and gore, that's fine. But you don't really need to go into too much detail with me. Like, I don't really need to know the specifics of an epidural, that's a heavy trip! Or like a cesarean - I'm not doin' it, you're the surgeon. Don't tell me how it works."
With Foo Fighters do you have a timescale as to when you'll be doing more stuff?
"We're playing the Isle Of Wight festival."
Coldplay have just announced they're playing that too.
"They're nice guys. They let us fly on their plane after the MTV awards."
You seem really excited about that.
"Yeah, it was great man because we were supposed to fly commercial and they were like, 'Hey, want a lift on our plane?' we're like, 'Yeah dude, let's go!'. But then it sucked because it was all vegetarian food and you couldn't smoke, it was like, 'This is lame! We're stuck on this thing for two hours!' No, it was great."
Did you try to light up at all just to see what Chris Martin would say?
"No. But everyone was looking at me like, 'Dude, just light the cigarette. No one is gonna tell you to stop!'. I'm like 'This isn't my fucking plane man!'"