The Coolest People In Rock 2000

Melody Maker 2000

Nš 5: Dave Grohl

How does it feel to be voted one of the coolest people in rock?
"Well, being cool is not something I've ever really experienced. But if someone thinks I'm cool, it's kind of flattering. I've always considered myself kind of geeky, just because I feel kind of uncertain in social situations. I like to spend most of my time alone."

What do you think makes you cool?
"What makes someone cool is their lack of insecurity. Wether they're a complete freak or a perfect gentleman, it's the insecurities that wind up making someone look like an asshole. That's what I think is cool about me - that I don't care what anyone else thinks. I've read reviews of our records where people will say, 'Dave Grohl, who's never been the epitome of cool, is seen as an average dork.' Girls Against Boys are cool. Nick Cave is fucking cool. But I'm just this idiot who plays his Sony Playstation all day."

Do you have any tips on how to be cool?
"Listen to Girls Against Boys. I know they are doing shows right now. That's what I would see as being cool. Not me at all. But fuck it, if people think I'm cool then great."

Who do you think is cool in 2000? And why?
"Josh from Queens Of The Stone Age is cool. And Chan Marshall, who's the woman behind Cat Power, is brilliant. She's kind of cool. She's a girl with the most delicate, seductive, bluesy gospel voice and she sings these fucking heart-wrenching songs, so amazing. She's the classic case of someone who doesn't care what other people think about her. I think she's kind of a crazy person. That's quite a prerequisite for being cool really. You have to be a little crazy, kind of nuts to be cool."

Who is the coolest man of all time?
"Probably Pete Townshend. I'd say so. Either him or Paul Weller. Those two muthafuckers are pretty cool. Pete Townshend is just one of the coolest most bad-ass rock'n'roll figures of all time. He still is."

Who is the coolest woman of all time?
"My mother. She has put up with a bunch of shit and has to deal with teenagers and little fucking asshole punks her whole life being a teacher, and then she has one herself. She's a saint. She has a beautiful voice and that's kind of cool."

Which is the coolest city on the planet?
"New York City. You can really disappear there or you can be in the thick of it. It's your choice. I find it hard to chill out in London. It's a lot of fun and I like it, but there's too much trouble."

Which is the coolest country on the planet?
"Australia, because all they want to do is drink and fuck on the beach. And there's nothing wrong with that."

What's been your least cool moment?
"Being chased by a bee onstage at V97. I'd been chewing gum onstage and the sugar from the gum got on the mic. Every time I went to sing, this bee chased me around the stage."

Who will never be cool?
"Everett True, he's still not cool. He's in Australia? Well, he could be fucking on a beach trying to be cool, but it's never going to happen."

Nš 6: Kurt Cobain

Dave Grohl on the legendary Nirvana frontman
"Kurt was very cool, I would have to agree. What made Kurt cool? I think Kurt had a wonderful balance of raw, dangerous anger, but also he was this delicate, fun person, y'know? He could be kind of scary and out of control onstage, but then after the show he'd be the most shy introverted person you've ever met. He was brilliant, but he played dumb. You keep it to yourself. And, y'know, Kurt was funny as shit. A lot of people don't realise that he was so hilarious. That guy's sense of humor wasn't from here, He was just very, very funny."