Out Of This World


Dave Grohl has been in more bands than chlamydia. Want proof?

band badges 1. Foo Fighters "Foo Fighters started with a demo tape. I recorded it by myself and gave copies to friends. Before I knew it, my answering machine was filled with record company people."

2. Nirvana "I joined the band in September 1990, and we were done by April 1994. All that shit happened in a short period of time. People think it's this big black thundercloud, but it wasn't. It was a good experience. They're great people."

3. Tenacious D "That went fast. We did 16 songs in two or three days. It's hard to track drums when there are tears streaming down your face from laughing so hard."

4. Queens Of The Stone Age "I've known Josh since 1991. To this day I can't think of another band I would rather play drums for."

5. Nine Inch Nails "I'd be there, showing off like a little brat, and as I'm playing, I'd look into the control booth and just see Trent there, smiling."

6. Pearl Jam "I was in Australia on vacation and went to see them. I thought how great it was to see a show without having to play. I went backstage and their drummer said, 'Dave, I'm having problems with my hands. Is there any way you can do a couple of songs tonight?'"

7. David Bowie "I got a call from Frank Black who said, 'We're going into the studio tomorrow with David Bowie. Can you play drums? Uh, yeah."

8. The Bangles "They were next door in the studio, and we'd always meet in the kitchen. They asked if I would sing backup on a song. I went in, did it, and never fucking heard it again."

9. P. Diddy "P. Diddy asked if I would do a remix with him, and I was like, 'What's a remix?' the weirdest part was when Biggie would come screaming in."

10. Tom Petty "He called to see if I wanted to do Saturday Night Live with him. Then he asked if I wanted to join the band. I was this fucking close, man."

11. Killing Joke "When we weren't recording, I felt like I was on another planet. we'd be sitting there having lunch, and the lead singer would be scribbling a symphony on a napkin."