Lock & Load

Kerrang! 2002

Dave Grohl loves skeet shooting. Here's his guide to the sport.

Wear Whatever
"I've gone out with people in their skeet-shooting gear, and I've just worn the same fucking camouflage shorts I wear to every European festival, and I've shot better than them. Clothes do not make the man."

Choose Your Weapon
"It's a matter of shotgun gauge. Beginners should start with the 20 gauge, because the butt of the gun will throw your shoulder out if you're not used to it. My preferred gun is the 12 gauge: an all rounder."

"The most important thing is gun safety, which you'll need to take a course on. Your gun should always be open when you're not shooting. And never load your gun until you're on your mark to shoot."

Ready, Aim, Fire!
"The skeets are either thrown up individually or in pairs and you move around the course so that your angle changes each time. It's like a video game....except you can smell the sulphur."

Drink Beer
"I've never shot a perfect score - 25 out of 25 - but I've managed 23. It's meant to be fun so afterwards you can have a drink with your buddies. Although the 'clubhouse' is a lot more white trash than a golf clubhouse."