Hotter Than Hell: Summer Gig Preview



WHO: Foo Fighters
WHERE: Wembley Stadium
WHEN: June 6 and 7

"We're still surprised at the popularity of the band in the UK. We're just waiting for it to end," laughs Dave Grohl. With a forthcoming two-night stand at Wembley Stadium and a massive show in Manchester preceding it - all of which sold out at lightning fast speed, incidentally - it looks like Mr Grohl is in for a long wait.
  "How could it get any bigger or better than it is?" asks the frontman. "We've never had a Number One record in America, and I remember Pat [Smear, guitar] saying once, I never want a Number One record because, after that, what do you do? So thankfully we've never had a Number One record in America. But doing something like Hyde Park, someone said it's 85,000 tickets. And we're like, we'll never sell that out, are you crazy? And it sold out! And then two nights at Wembley sell out in a fucking day or whatever? You can't imagine that happening. Honestly, can you imagine that happening?"
  Well, yes, actually we can, and it has, making tickets to the Foo's only UK shows this summer, the hottest tickets in town. So did the nicest man in rock ever imagine his band busting out their hits in front of 70,000 excitable fans at the world famous enormodrome, two nights in a row?
  "I don't really feel that much different to what we were eight years ago," he says, shaking his head. "Obviously, things have changed, but for something like that to happen, it's like why? Then you wonder why it happens there [in the UK] and not here? And then you realise, 'God, I'm so fucking glad it doesn't happen here because if I walk down a high street at noon every cell phone camera in the world is in my face. Wait! Oh yeah, I'm a rock star over here, I forgot!'
  "It's not like that anywhere else," Grohl reckons. "So, yeah, we have brainwashed your country into thinking we're good enough to play two nights at a stadium. It worked! Our grand scheme!"
  Nervous, then?
  "I don't know what to expect! But I do know that it's going to be our biggest fucking show ever!"
  And best, too. We'd put money on it.