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Dave Grohl talks to Paul Brannigan

People seem confused that you would make the album at home rather than at your studio 606...
"Making the record here has been a great experience. Because I know whenever I listen to these songs in 20 years from now I'll remember recording These Days and having Violet tapping me on the shoulder the whole time I was doing my guitar track, or a song like Miss The Misery and I looked down and saw Harper had her pinkie in her mouth dancing along. The kids are part of the album in a way. Part of the memories for me."

You grew up listening to Husker Du - it must have been a thrill having Bob Mould sing on Dear Rosemary?
"Absolutely. I think he's known for a long time that I'm a huge Husker Du fan. We loved the song before he came to sing on it and then he started singing and our jaws just dropped, like, 'Oh my god, that's the voice!' It was awesome to work with him."

You talked up Wasting Light as 'the Foo Fighters heaviest album ever'. Do you still think so?
"It is, no question. It seems like every album we've made as a result of the one that came before it or a response to it. With the last album we were too concerned with being musical now it's time for us to be a rock band again."