Best Single: 'Best Of You'


Roger Taylor presented the band with their award

Will you be behaving badly later?
I've got the wife here tonight so I have to limit it. Most of the rest of my family are over here at the moment too. I invited them along but they said,'Kerrang!? Fuck off'."

Did you deserve to win the award?
No. You should always feel good to win anything. You should never feel, 'Goddamn right!'."

Where's this award going to go?
It'll probably wind up at the studio with the other ones."

You've won quite a few K! awards in the past.
I think we have three, which is pretty cool. I can't imagine they'll give us another one."

But you keep turning up every year - it's costing us a fortune.
Ha! I should probably stop showing up. Next year you don't have to invite me!"