Dave Talks At The Kerrang! Awards 2002

What do you think about winning the 'Kerrang! Hall Of Fame' award?
When you look at the previous Hall Of Fame winners - Iggy Pop, AC/DC, Jimmy Page - you can either see this award as a kiss of death or a testament to longevity today. It's weird because nowadays eight years is considered a career, whears before it used to be considered merely the foundation for a career. Either way, though, I'm just stoked to still be playing music - and for people to still want to listen to it.

What was going through your mind as you were going onstage?
You basically stand up and see all of your friends, fans and people who are genuinely happy for you, and it's extremely flattering. You kind of go blank.

What's the plan for the rest of the evening?
(croaking) I'm supposed to be taking care of my voice so I've brought my medicine with me. Unfortunately it's in a Jack Daniels bottle, so how the night pans out remains to be seen.

Any message for the Kerrang! readers?
Kerrang! has really become the biggest rock and roll magazine, it says a lot because they have integrity and donít chase trends all the time. Rock is loved by a lot of people, hell I love it and Iím loving tonight to. I always thought when I was a kid that you look a lot cooler with a guitar than a turntable.
I can't believe that you guys put us in the Kerrang! Hall Of Fame. I hope we win it next year too. Oh, you can only win the award once? Damn. Well, thanks anyway.