The Five Really Key Questions



Dave Grohl said the N-word. Of his own violition too, Nirvana, people. Just hearing the former drummer for the legendary trio say their name was - sorry, I'm having a moment. Okay, time to move on to the 36-year old's current band and their latest album. davey said the group built an 8,000 square-foot studio in LA to record it in. And, if you think about it logically, they're not going to invest that much money to make something that doesn't have an awesome pair o' legs. Those Foo Fighters know better.

Are you repressing any urges?
Hunger, at the moment. I'm waiting for a tuna fish andwich with a nice fruit bowl that's on it's way. And I'm always trying not to smoke. After I put out a cigarette I try not to smoke - until I smoke another one.

What's the worst you've ever screwed someone over?
Probably when I left Scream to join Nirvana. It wasn't really screwing them over, but we were like brothers. We were on tour and broke up in LA when one of the members went home to D.C. without saying anything to anyone. So we were stuck. Fortunately, we had a Canadian roadie who was getting his unemployment checks shipped down to LA, so we could buy beans and hot dogs. It was just a drag. Someone called and said Nirvana was looking for a drummer and they thought I was good. I had to leave my friends and move to Seattle. It was painful.

What style trend would you rather die than be caught following?
New York hip - suit jackets and sneakers and tight pants and ripped T-shirts and bedhead and stubble. I can't deal with it.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
No. Wow, no, that's not fair. That's cheating.

Who's on your "celebs to make out with" list?
Sissy Spacek in Coal Miners Daughter. Oh, my God, she was so hot in that. Unbelievable. Everyone fell in love with her after that movie