"It Changed My Life"

Kerrang! 2001

The Stars' ultimate albums. This week: Dave Grohl

"I'd never heard anything like that. I always thought I knew the definition of heavy, but hearing The Melvins 'Gluey Porch Treatments' completely turned my musical perception on it's side. They recorded that album with cheap equipment and shitty instruments, but it sounds so earth-shaking. It's a testament to that band and what they are capable of. Dale Crover is still the best, heaviest drummer in the world. He influenced my drumming more than anybody else, I think. That album really shook things around for me. I still listen to it all the time. They've made some kick-ass records, but theres something about 'Gluey Porch Treatments'. It's so raw and so tight. It really sounds like a band, in a room, in your face. It's like having the band in your living room while you sit on the couch in front of them."