I Saw The Light

NME 1999

"I remember when I was about eight or nine years old my mother and sister and I went out shopping, and at the drugstore they had these K-Tel records which were compilations of top 40 hits.We didn't have a record player, but my mother was a teacher and she used to bring the public school issue record player home on the weekend just so we could play records."

"This one time, she bought us this K-Tel record that had everything on it from KC and the Sunshine Band to Peter Frampton, but the one song I listend to over and over and over again that weekend was Edgar Winters 'Frankenstein'. And to me that was just the best sound I had ever heard in my life. Edgar Winter was a hard-rock institution, an American phenomenon in the '70's, and I think that's why I started listening to rock music after that, and how I ended up in a band. I don't know much about Edgar Winters other music but every time I hear 'Frankenstein' it reminds me of being that young, just rocking out in my bedroom."