In the Studio


Exchanging creative juices with Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl has been a busy man. Over the past 18 months the affable Foo Fighters frontman has launched his heavy-metal side project Probot, sat behing the drumkit on new albums from Nine Inch Nails & Garbage and built his own 8000-square-foot studio in a Los Angeles warehouse, complete with shower and games room. To cap it all off the Foo Fighters have embarked on their most ambitious project yet.
  "I love playing the acoustic guitar, so I thought 'Maybe I'll make an acoustic record'. I wrote 14 or 15 songs, but then it occured to me that there's something about drinking half a bottle of Crown Royal and jumping up onstage at Reading Festival. So I decided I should probably write some rock songs too."
  Solution: make a double album, with one disc dedicated to delicate acoustic workouts and the other to what Grohl calls "fucking 60,000-strong singalongs". The latter is already finished, with the singer proudly proclaiming it "the heaviest, most anthemic thing I've ever written". Sessions for the acoustic album commence soon. That's the part Grohl's really looking forward to.
  "It's something I've never done before, as much as we like to go to 11 and scream our balls off, I think all of us appreciate the delicate dynamic. I'm a gentle giant really. Tough on the outside and all squishy and nice on the inside."

Working Title; TBC
Due; June 10th
Completed Tracks; Resolve, In Your Honour, No Way Back, Best Of You, The Sign
Producers; Foo Fighters & Nick Raskulinecz
Recorded At; The Foo Fighters' own newly built studio in the San Fernando Valley, LA
Strange But True; During sessions for the rock album Grohl recorded a rap track titled That Ass. Sample lyrics: "Ding dong, daddy's home/ Time to get down and get this on."