The Insider: Dave Grohl


Tales from the studio...

Did you approach the album with a particular sound in mind?
"One of the more interesting things this time was that we didnt have a clue how the album was going to sound until it was done. We demoed so many songs before we went into the studio and all of them were so different. Some of them were really slow acoustic songs and others were really heavy songs with these big ass walls of guitars."

What made you want to work with Gil Norton again?
"Gil worked with us on The Colour And The Shape 10 years ago, but we've pretty much done our own thing. We built a couple of studios and kind of went at our own pace, but this time I wanted someone to push us a little bit. Gil's really good at keeping you focused on what you're doing, and I feel like he and I have a really good connection musically. I knew straight away that he was the guy we should go to."

Do you still get nervous before you release a new album?
"You know, it's not really something that happens anymore. I think on the first few albums there were definitely one or two moments where we crossed our fingers, but this time I'm just excited for people to hear it."