Hyde Park Preview


Dave Over 80,000 tickets - that's pretty fucking huge, Mr Grohl.
"Yeah! When we were in the UK, I guess it was December, someone asked us if we were interested in doing a Hyde Park gig this summer and I only know Hyde Park from Queen bootlegs. I just knew it was a big fucking park."

Where the Rolling Stones and The Clash have done legendary gigs!.
"Yeah, so it's a big deal! I said, 'Wait a second, what's the capacity?' and they said it can go up to 85,000. I'm like 'Dude there's no fucking way we can eevr do that!', But they said if you get 30,000 people there then it's still a big fucking Foo Fighters show. I said, 'Yeah, I guess you're right'. It's a festival, except it's our own so we can dictate the bill and production and do our own deal. So I said 'Yeah, let's do it!'. They asked who I wanted and at first I said Queens Of The Stone Age because any dream festival line-up has got to have Queens, Then we started throwing around band names and thought we should have a special guest. Our booking agent knows that I worship Motorhead and suggested them and I'm like, 'Oh my God, that's perfect!'. It's gotta be a barn burner."

Will you be watching all the bands since you hand-picked the bill?
"Yeah! Actually I think we're staying right across the street so I'll probably be there before all the bands! I've just gotta watch my drinking."

"There's a good side and a bad side to being on the same bill as Motorhead. The good side is you get to watch one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands of all time! they're just the fucking best and I think they might be better now than they've ever been! honestly they're so fucking good! the bad side is we've gotta fucking go on after them! I'd like to think that maybe 40,000 people are coming to see us and the other 40,000 are coming to see Motorhead."

Angels & Airwaves
"We've known Tom for a long time: we toured Australia with Blink 182 and I went on vacation to Hawaii once and he was in the same hotel, so we spent a week hanging out. Adam the drummer, we've known for ages because he was in Rocket From The Crypt and he's the nicest guy and thegreatest drummer. And I'd imagine that that band is primed to do some serious business."

Juliette & The Licks
"I just did drums on their new record and those guys are a fucking great rock band. Juliette's voice is amazing. The only other band I've recorded live in the studio with is Queens. I think she catches a lot of flak because she's an actress, but she's a rocker just as much as everybody else, and more so than a lot of people. Everybody says when she hits the stage she's like a female Iggy Pop, which I can see because she's got that fire."

Queens Of The Stone Age
"I love being on the same bill as Queens so that rather than listen to them on a boom box before the show, I can actually step out and watch them play. And you never know what you're gonna get! You never know what kind of set-list, what kind of solos, what the fuck is gonna happen...or who's in the band. Plus, we'll have a couple of good nights out with the boys I'm sure."