Melody Maker 1997

Dave Grohl's fave five hardcore bands

"Bad Brains were just totally fuckin' incredible. They were the best fuckin' live band in the world. They were these four hyperactive young black men from Washington DC and they could play the most incredible fuckin' hardcore, then slip into the most beautiful, graceful reggae. They were just so incredibly talented."

"Void were a band from DC who were sort of like a metal band that couldn't play their instruments so good. They were great live. Their singer was this drunken construction worker. They were amazing, they were fuckin' great."

"The first record they put out was a 22 song seven-inch. I bought it from the lead singer at one of their shows in about 82, and I fucking wish I still had it, because it's the most incredible thing in the world. Some of their songs were like 11 seconds long. An epic would be a minute and five seconds long. That would be their 'Stairway To Heaven'."

"Naked Raygun were the first punk rock band I ever saw, In Chicago. They had this weird sort of surf edge to them, and their songs were clever and witty. They just fucking rocked."

"They sort of made hardcore what it is, with Ians vocals and the whole straight-edge 'no drink-no drugs' thing. They started a new era. Although they were kind of minimalist about it, they were really talented musicians and they rocked."