Melody Maker 1999

Dave Grohl saw Bad Brains at Washington DC's 9:30 club in 1983.

"They were four black Rastsfarians who made the most powerful noise you have ever heard in your life. They were legends, they had inspired and influenced everyone in the DC music scene and pretty much everyone in New York too."

"It was a time when hardcore bands were these skinny white guys, with shaved heads, who didn't drink and didn't smoke and made fast, stiff and rigid breakbeat noise. But the Bad Brains when they came out, it was like if James brown was to play hardcore or punk rock! It was so smooth and so fuckin' powerful - they were Gods, man, they were way more than human."

"To see that kind of energy and hear that kind of power just from a guitar, bass, some drums and a singer was unbelievable. It was something more than music and those four people onstage. It wasjust fuckin' unreal. Whenever I see a great band live that share that kind of energy with the audience, I always compare them to Bad Brains. When I've seen Rage Against The Machine and there is a sea of 50,000 people sharing that kind of energy it is awesome- but still there is absolutely nothing that can compare to a Bad Brains show."