The Dirty Dozen

Kerrang! 2003

Whether he's dressing up as a girl in one of Foo Fighters' celebrated video clips, battering the merry fuck out of a drumkit for any number of cool rock bands or simply standing around sporting a goofy, winning smile, Dave Grohl is a big favourite with female rock fans all over the globe. He doesn't do too badly in his personal life either, as well publicised relationships with Melissa Auf Der Maur and Louise Post have proved. There were also numerous reports a while ago that Grohl had wined and dined everyone's favourite celebrity shoplifter, Winona Ryder.
"Virginia is for lovers," Grohl says of his home state. "But Maryland's for crabs!"

When and where did you lose your virginity?
"I was 14 years old and she was 16. She was a girl at my school who I didn't know, a basketball player. She was fucking pretty, but she was tall - five-foot ten at least. We went to this keg party at her house and she trapped me in the bathroom and just started making out with me. Then she took me downstairs and showed me the ropes.

How would you rate your performance?
"I did pretty good, man. When you're 14 or 15 years old it's hardly a tantric thing; you just do it, get out and go tell your friends. I remember going to school on the Monday and she'd moved. It turned out the party was her going away present."

How did you feel about that?
"I felt great about that! I couldn't imagine seeing her in school on the Monday."

Has rock'n'roll helped you get laid?
"When I first started touring with Scream I was 18 and there weren't any girls at any of the shows - ever. In the four years I toured with Scream I got laid maybe six times. When Nirvana became popular we did so being as anti-establishment as we could possibly be, and so we never attracted that vibe. It wasn't until about 1997 that things started to happen on this front. There was a short period where I was single and we had this Australian tour. And it was on this tour that Taylor showed me how to be that guy."

And how long were you that guy?
"Well, it was a two-and-a-half week tour and there was something happening pretty much every night."

So shall we call it 18 women?
"There you go! As time goes on, you just realise that it's always available. But for me personally, I've never been drawn to the quick blow-job in the bathroom stall."

Now you're married again, how do you deflect female attention?
"You can always say no. It's as easy as saying goodbye, going home, fucking rubbing one off and then going to sleep."