Dave Grohl on Physical Grafitti


Foo Fighter and ex-Nirvana sticksman recalls meeting and playing with his hard rock heroes.

Physical Graffiti I first heard Physical Graffiti towards the tail end of my punk-rock phase. I love it so much, man... everything from "Trampled Underfoot" to "In The Light"to "Kashmir"-such a broad scope of songs, a great collection of sessions. As a 17 -year-old kid raised playing punk-rock drums, I just fell in love with John Bonham's playing - his recklessness, his precision. There were times when he sounded to me like a punk-rock drummer. They were so out of control They were more out of control than a Dead Kennedys record.
  A long time ago, I interviewed Jimmy Page and Robert Plant for a magazine. It was the first time I ever met them, and I was fucking terrified. I didn't know what I should touch on. But they were good people, and they didn't mind talking about their history. John Paul Jones is exactly the same way. I'm sure he's used to people being on the verge of fainting because he used to be in Led Zeppelin, but he does his best to make you feel completely comfortable. He came in on our new record [In Your Honour] and played on a few tracks. Here in the studio, I have an original Zeppelin II gold record up on the wall, pictures of John Bonham and Jimmy Page. I didn't know if I should take them down before he showed up. But I figured, you know what? He's probably used to it.