US Rock Supergroup Raises Tsunami Cash


Dave talks to NME about teaming up with Josh Homme, Beck and Tenacious D for charity bash

"A friend of ours went down there (to Thailand) on a vacation with her fiance and was staying two blocks away from the beach when it happened. The next night we got a call from her and she was fine, but we got a lot of first-hand accounts of what happened and it's tragic.
  It's such a huge disaster. Hopefully everybody can pitch in and do their part. And this benefit was a good opportunity to help raise money and send down there.
  It's funny because I've performed with each one of these people in my life. I did a beatbox for Beck in Australia in about 1996 and I played drums for Pearl Jam once in Australia. And then I played on the Tenacious D and the Queens Of the Stone Age record. So we're all familiar with each other.
  But it was nice because there was this feeling at the gig that anything goes. Nobody really had any setlist, nobody planned on putting a big show together, it was just a bunch of friends getting together and hanging out. Walking up onstage with an acoustic guitar. I ended up playing a song I'd written that morning."
Grohl also explained how moved he was by the worldwide show of generosity in the wake of the disaster "That was something I noticed right after it happened. It was nice to have everyone's focus turned to compassion and relief, rather than war and terror and fear and hatred."