The Foo Fighter can do anything. Except text properly.

Q 2003

Where are you and what are you up to?
I'm in LA packing my bags because I'm going to Australia where it'll be warm and beautiful and I'll have many days off on the Big Day Out tour. But then we have to go to Japan where it's fucking freezing cold. So I'm packing for the summer and winter, which is tough.

What would you like 200 of?
I guess I'd love 200 more years. More time.

What's been the highlight of the last 16 years?
The Foo Fighters headlining the Reading Festival last year, just because of all the things I've done in my life that seemed like the biggest accomplishment.

And the low point?
Kurts death for sure.

Who do you love?
My family, my extended family, my very close friends and Kylie Minogue.

Who would you like to punch?
I'm not a very violent man. I prefer emotional terrorism.

Who would you least lke to see naked?
Any member of my band.

What does your bedroom look like?
Pretty simple. I have an antique bed, some erotic Asian prints on the walls and a massive flat screen television.

Tell us a drummer joke.
How do you know when there's a drummer at your door?
The knocking speeds up.

When was the last time you were really pissed?
Christmas Eve. I had to spend Christmas on two coasts; West with my girlfriends family and East with mine. We'd got home from touring and had seven days to do all our Christmas shopping which was a pain in the ass, so there was no time to ship presents back.
  So I thought the most practical way to make Christmas happen was to hire a Lear jet to take me back to the East coast. I sat up in the front because my girlfriend was asleep in the bedroom in the back. I was surrounded by presents, wearing a santa hat and I drank about three quarters of a bottle of whiskey just revelling in how blessed I am to be able to do pretty much anything I want to do.

What side do you dress to?
I usually hang to the left.

What's your idea of Heaven?
A barbeque with a massive brisket, Led Zeppelin pumping on the stereo and a keg on ice - Coors Lite - surrounded by all my favourite people.

And Hell?
And how?

No. Hell.
Oh, my idea of Hell is a press tour that never ends.

What's the best piece of advice you ever recieved?
I usually don't recieve it. But it would have to be that doubling vocals makes you sound like a better singer.

When was the last time you did the washing up?
Often, but I'm usually the one doing the messing up?

What fantasy do you still have to fulfil?
Well, I've never done two girls at once so that's always there, but I suppose playing drums for Led Zeppelin.

What's the worst chat-up line you've ever heard?
A drunk girl came up to me at a bar once and said, I have a question, Who let the dogs out? She was pretty cute.

Do you have a hidden talent?
I can speak with a whistle. It's hard to explain, but I can speak without using my voice. I can speak while whistling. I've never seen anyone else do it - it becomes a code people I know can understand. I can talk behind someone's back right in front of their face.

What does God look like?
Gandalf The Grey.

Who is the greatest living Englishman?
Jeez Louise, there's so many to choose from. I would have to say Jimmy Page.

Who was the last person you texted?
Who was the last person that I tested? Oh texted. My girlfriend, we do that all the time.

What did it say?
Just sappy love shit. None of it was capitalised either, because I can't figure how to do that yet.