Man In Black

Kerrang! 1997

Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl: Sabbath fanatic

"I love Sabbath, they were amazing, they were great, they were dark and they made an amazing contribution to music today. They taught everyone that you could tune your guitars down to a D or C or A, and that's a big deal."
"Almost every band that made it big in the '90s, including Soundgarden and Nirvana, owe a debt to them. We were totally into them in Nirvana. When you're sitting around in the practice room and someone breaks in on a Sabbath riff, everyone joins in - they're just classic riffs. And when they're doing those shows in Birmingham, Bill Ward has to be there. He's an amazing drummer."
"I love Ozzy, too. He was once considered 'The Most Evil Man In Rock' and yet he's the cutest and funniest guy in rock, too. He's just a little kid....with a hash pipe in his mouth!"