The Last Word

Details 2001

Some short-sighted cynic once wrote that no matter what Dave Grohl does, he'll always be known as Nirvana's drummer. Though he'd call that an honour, every sold-out tour, chart-ripping disc and spit-taking video puts the 32-year-old Foo Fighter a step further from his storied Seattle roots. this month, his band's up for 3 Grammys, but win or lose, Grohl's having the time of his life.

When was the last time you...

- Looked something up in the dictionary?
"A while back, when my father asked that I use the word pheromone in a song. Sorry, dad."

- Threw up?
"February 1997. At the Chateau Marmont. The time before that was in 1983. I am physically incapable of vomiting, even if I've got bed spins like Willy Wonka. Only the gnarliest food poisoning will trigger that shit."

- Waited in line?
"January 14, at the Rio international airport. I spent half my birthday trying to upgrade to first class."

- Had a nightmare?
"That same day, flying home. I dreamed that the plane did a full nosedive into the atlantic and woke up in a cold sweat. Can you say 'Castaway'?"

- Spoke another language?
"Last week at Rock In Rio..."Obrigado!!!" (thank you) to 200,000 people and I actually meant it."

- Yeilded to peer pressure?
"In 1997, in the back lounge of the tour bus, Taylor 'pusherman' Hawkins forced me to smoke a joint with him while listening to Minor Threat at full blast."

- Borrowed something?
"Last week, my roommate lent me his George Foreman lean mean grilling machine."

- Felt betrayed?
"Not being asked to play drums on the Queens Of The Stone Age record."

- Needed medical attention?
"My wisdom tooth cracked in half after a Texas barbecue feast while we were on tour with the Chilli Peppers. I had to go a week and a half before I could get the fucker yanked."

- Blacked out?
"Toronto, September 99. Went to see Cheap Trick, jumped onstage to sing 'Dream Police', did many shots of Crown Royal. My last image that night was the elevator buttons."

- Refused to eat something?
"Natural frozen taquitos instead of the high-msg 'parts is parts' Costco brand? no thanks."

-Connected with the great outdoors?
"Skeet-shooting on the Chesapeake Bay. Ahhh...the salt air, the sound of waves, my 12-gauge blasting little orange dishes out of the sky."

-Begged forgiveness?
" question."

-Won anything?
"Besides the piles of Grammys and MTV awards? uhh...never. Oh, I won a cake walk in the fifth grade. I really am a loser."