When Dave Met Ricky


NME tests the nicest man in rock by introducing him to Britain's most indie. We predict a right laugh, actually

Dave and Ricky So, one of the reasons we've arranged this is that you're touring together in America soon.
Dave "The American tour is going to be massive; it's the biggest we've done. We did a five-month tour opening for the Chili Peppers once. By the end we were bringing the whisky straight to the stage!"
Ricky "I don't want to ever get jaded. There's a billion kids out there who want to do this."
Dave "Did you have shit jobs before?"
Ricky "I was an art teacher."
Dave "That's not a shit job!"
Ricky "It was a shit job; nobody gave a fuck but me. I ended up with just 12 kids in my class [laughs]!"
Dave "Whenever I have to get up at 10am to work, I remember waking up at 6am to go to the furniture warehouse. Hey, have you ever done a beer bong? We make the perfect beer bong, even the on/off switch works."
Ricky "You have an on/off switch? We'd just put a thumb over one end."
Dave "But with a switch, you dont need two people. You can carry it around the party!"
Ricky You can do it on your own in the hotel room. [laughs] That's when it goes a bit sad.
Dave "[Laughs] That's five months with the Chili Peppers!"
Ricky "So, who's the most famous person in your telephone book?"
Dave "Er, Cameron Diaz? She asked me to go on this environmental TV show in the jungle with her. I deleted that one! [Laughs] I can't do camping. I've got Vinnie from Pantera, too."
Ricky "Can I beat that? Erm, Ryan from The Cribs..."
Dave "You got Ryan! Wow! Let's prank call him!"
Ricky "Right, you've got to go and get on a jet
Dave "Shit, yeah. See you on tour."