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Dave grohl on Bob Mould

Bob Mould & Dave Grohl "I grew up with The Beatles, I loved Led Zeppelin, I fucking loved the Bad Brains and punk rock. But when it comes to guitar playing and song structure, I think that Husker Du might be my biggest songwriting influence.
  I was a huge Husker Du fan, and obviously Bob Mould's music has influenced the way I write music and the way I play guitar. A lot of what I do comes from Bob. I've name-checked Husker Du songs lyrically. Like in Times Like These it says 'I'm a new day rising'. Which is one of my favourite Husker Du records.
  I had this song that I thought might sound cool if he sand with me on it, call and response, so I texted him and said 'Hey, do you want to come down?' And he did. We weren't really sure what we were going to do. I watched him play guitar and as I watched him do it I realised that I owe more to Bob Mould than to maybe any other musician. There's specific things that he does that I learned from him, not from anyone else."