Burn It

NME 2002

Get Horny To Bad Brains, Aerosmith and Slayer with the Foo Man's 'Songs About Fucking' mix-tape.

Bad Brains
At The Movies
"Bad Brains would open their live shows with this. It's a good way to start your day, mix-tape, a band, a fire...."

Led Zeppelin
The Wanton Song
"After Bad Brains, you gotta get into your groove with John Bonham-fuelled Zeppelin funk. That's how I imagine Bonham having sex, the rhythm of that song. I use that song as my sexual tempo."

"It's got a nice swagger to it, it makes you feel kinda slimy. It's the first song I ever heard that made me want to wear eye-liner. I thought that the courage and the complexity of the Pixies' last record was the most honorable of all their records."

Dream On
"At this point in my tape it's time to sit down to crack a Kirin Ichiban open and reevaluate. Introspection is key. This is one of those songs where you say, 'Goddamn! I wish I wrote that."

Cat Power
Cross Bones Style
"The first half of the mix-tape is foreplay. It's like meeting a stranger in a bar after you've had one too many shots, and you want your first kiss to be crazy and passionate and sloppy, and then you kinda slow down and start to feel it. The sound of Chan Marshall's voice is the most satisfying orgasm I could possibly imagine."

Earth Wind And Fire
Shining Star
"Any white man can dance to 'Shining Star'. It's one of those bar mitzvah songs that drives the room wild."

Sonic Youth & Lydia Lunch
Death Valley 69
"This to me seems like the most fun I ever had after a bag and a half of mushrooms. When Thurston and Lydia start saying 'hit it' together, that's fucking sexy right there."

Dead Kennedys
Nazi Punks Fuck Off
"It's such an excellent blast of punk rock rejoicing. It is a composition rivalled by none other of that era. Jello Biafara's sqwacking machine-gun turret vocal styling - I love it. Good logo on the single too."

Reign In Blood
"I saw Slayer in 86 or 87 open with this at the Warner Theater in Washington DC. I remember these two huge glow-in-the-dark upside down crosses illuminating as the crowd rushed the satge and trampled the first ten rows of 150-year-old velvet chairs. It was definitely a moment."