This interview was due to appear in issue 24 of PopSmear but the magazine was cancelled.

With the release of the Foo Fighters' There is Nothing Left to Lose and the single "Learn to Fly" having topped the charts, we figured the Foos to be a perfect band for POPsmear. Instead of asking the same old questions about recording the new album and how they relate to the kids on the street, we decided to go a different route. We wanted to find out the important facts about the main man behind the Foo, Dave Grohl. But, what could be most important to our readers? What could we learn from Dave that our readers would most appreciate? Obviously, the answer is food.

We'd heard Dave was an avid cookout guy, and we wanted the goods...

Jon "Hungry" Connors: So you're a big fan of cooking out?
Dave "The Man" Grohl: I'm known to throw a bar-b-que now and then. When I'm hungry I just want to throw it on the grill, sear the outside of it and get it in my fucking body as soon as possible.

Hungry: Chicken or steak?
Man: I'm a steak guy. A nice fillet. I like strips, I like porterhouses, and I've been known to do a nice Delmonico every now and then. Porterhouses are kind of my trip. You get the best of both worlds. But you know, if the parents are over, I'll make a strip. The key to making a good steak is in the flipping. You want to turn your steaks. You have to show each steak an equal amount of love. Don't walk away from the grill. If the steak gets lonely, it will burn. You don't want that. Ok? You just don't want it.

Hungry: Along the lines of the Nuge [Ted Nugent], do you go out and kill your beasts and then cook them?
Man: No, I don't, but I used to hunt when I was young. We used to call our guns meat sticks because if we weren't target shooting, like skeet shooting, we were hunting. You'd never kill anything unless you were going to take it home and eat it with everyone else. It was old school. The only sport in shooting is when you're shooting at clays. But, no, no, no, I'm nowhere near the Nuge. I don't belong to the NRA. And, I don't wear fucking Indian boots and teach kids how to bow hunt. That's not my trip.

Hungry: The phrase, "Don't trust a skinny chef" springs to mind. You're a skinny guy Dave, what's up?
Man: My ass! Because you know what? I'm running all over the place trying to cook too much food at the same time. Everything I cook, I cook on the grill, so who wants to snack on anything else?

Hungry: Rumor has it you almost burned down your house once while cookin' out.
Man: Well, I made the mistake of dumping a whole bag of MatchLite into a small Coleman [grill] on my deck, which is about six by six. I thought I needed that much charcoal because I was making shish kebabs. I lit it and it fucking went up. Big. It blew up big. We're talking four and a half feet, it was a big one, and it was windy, and there were little twigs sticking out of the gutter above my head that started to burn like little sticks of incense, and I thought, "Ok, this is not good, what should I do?" So I was about to grab the hose and I thought, 'No, you know what, I'll put the lid on it for a minute, and maybe it'll go down.' I put the lid on it, and for a split second I think backdraft!

So I let it up and it just goes, WHOOSH! I didn't burn the house down though. Close call.

Hungry: Do you have a special recipe for cooking asparagus? I hear it's very good.
Man: I do actually. You wanna know what it is?

Hungry: I feel like I'm getting ancient Chinese secrets.
Man: I'm telling you man-the natural sugars, when seared on the grill, make for that delicious grill taste. So the glucose or whatever the hell is in the fucking vegetable, when that's kind of burned a little bit, it gives it a little more taste. So you don't necessarily have to pay so much attention to the veggies, but you should. You gotta turn the asparagus.

Hungry: So it's sort of a little ritual thing happening?
Man: Yeah, it's a celebration.