Ash's Celebrity Fan Club

Hot Press 2002

We did a show with Ash and I introduced them to my mother and they just hit it off, I think she loves them 'cause they're Irish, bottom line. My mother is of Irish descent, her maiden name is O'Hanlon, her great-great grandfather came over from Ireland and actually established the public school system in Missouri in America. I got a message from Ash's tour manager when I was in Australia, he said 'We're playing DC and Tim wants to know if your Mom wants to come to the show.' So I called her up and she went and watched Ash and Coldplay, she had a blast. She loves 'em. She loves Charlotte. Charlotte's just a fucking beauty queen, she's amazing, she's to die for."
I had met them before but I'd never really had a chance to hang out, and after we did those gigs with them in the UK I just prayed that they'd tour America with us when we do in the Spring. It'd be a blast, I can't think of four people I'd rather hang out with every day, they're fucking great."