Classic Album Pick

Maxim 2000

Dave Grohl : Physical Graffiti, 1975.

Isn't Zep sort of an obvious choice?
It's the best fucking classic rock record of all time - all the way down the line. Physical Graffiti has all the different Zeppelin personalities on one album. I mean, John Bonham could've given a shit about the conventional restraints of being a rock drummer. he influenced me and thousands of other drummers to play the drums with soul and feeling rather than with just proficiency. I'd gone through a punk rock thing for years, but the drunken feel of Physical Graffiti really appealed to me when I first heard it. Just amazing.

OK, we're convinced. Favourite cut?
'The Wanton Song' is the quintessential Zeppelin song: Just brilliant, and the most fuckable rock track you've ever heard in your life.

Fuckable has to do with groove and power. The most important thing about fucking is your time and your rhythm, knowing when to back off and when to let it go. And that song has moments when you go from something beautiful and gentle and delicate to just slamming someone around. (Laughs) So, yes indeed, that song is very fuckable.

What was going on in your life during the time you got turned on to the album?
I was probably about 15 - years after the album had come out. I'd just started taking mushrooms and dropping acid.

And then everything went blurry?
No, then everything became so clear.