The Top 100 Riffs: #50 Monkey Wrench


Dave Grohl Speaks...
"I consider myself a natural drummer rather than a natural guitar player, even though I started playing guitar first. When I was 12 I had my little Silvertone guitar and I'd sit down with 'The Beatles Songbook' and try to figure out the songs, one by one. It was a real challenge! I started out writing songs for the same reason, just to challenge myself, to see if I could actually do it. With Monkey Wrench I remember I had the main riff, but I didn't have the little jangly riff that goes over the top of it and I thought it needed something. So I came up with the jangly riff and thought 'Oh my God this is never gonna fly! Everyone's gonna hate it'. But I was really excited the first time I heard it on the radio - it was in the middle of a load of mid-'90s grunge shit and I thought it was so killer."