UK Tour Preview


Dave And Co Return To The UK For Their Annual End Of Year Arena Tour

Nate Another year's end, another Foo Fighters arena tour...
Nate [laughs] "Yeah! I really don't know why it always works out that way. I guess there's just this rhythm we have as to the way our touring plans pan out every time we put out a record, but I don't know exactly why it always seems to happen this way in the UK."

Would you say the UK has always been particularly special for you guys?
Nate "It's definitely a very special place for us. Over in America we're a pretty popular band and we definitely do okay, but in the UK it's always been on a whole different level. No one really seems to know why, but we're so appreciative of the support we get every time we roll through. It's like our second home.

After playing Hyde Park last year, do you think an arena tour will seem insignificant?
Nate [laughs] "Maybe! I thought that after we headlined Reading it couldn't get any bigger or better, and then the hyde Park show came along. We just love the fact that we're able to keep playing. Not every show is going to be Hyde Park, no matter how awesome that'd be!"

Will you be partaking in any firework shenanigans on Guy Fawkes nigh?
Nate "Really? Wow I wasn't aware of that, but seeing as you've brought it up that's a really good idea. I'd have thought they'd be pretty hard to get hold of, but I guess when some guy tried to blow up Parliament, a little fireworks isn't such a big deal."

Are you looking forward to having Serj Tankian on the road?
Nate "Absolutely. We just did the MTV Awards in Las Vegas and he came up and did 'Holiday In Cambodia' with us. We knew he had a record coming out, so we thought it'd be cool to offer him the chance to come along. He's such a strange and unique musician. I'm really curious to see what he puts together for his live shows."

If you had to nominate one bandmate to take Serj on at Trivial Pursuit, who would you pick?
Nate "I would do it. I don't know if I'd necessarily beat him, but I'd nominate myself for sure. If it were Scrabble then I think I'd be able to beat him for sure."

You reckon you could take him? Nate Absolutely! When we first started the band like, 10 years ago, we'd all play Scrabble before our shows. It actually got kind of ridiculous. We'd be in the middle of these heated matches and our tour manager would poke his head into the dressing room and tell us to wrap it up and put on our rock faces. I tried to bust it out the other day and everyone just looked at me like I was crazy."

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