2002 Singles Round-Up!

Spin 2002

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins break down this years radio ga-ga

Nelly - Hot In Herre
Dave: You know this song? Nelly?
Taylor: He could have affiliations we better be careful.
I don't think he has anymore
Taylor: Anymore. Once you're in you're never out. I've never even heard this song.
Dave: You hang out at the wrong clubs.
Any idea why he's got a Band-Aid on his face?
Dave: Maybe he popped a zit.

The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So
Dave: I do love the Hives. This kind of has that 'My Sharona' effect on people. It spans all demographics. It's just a totally bare-essentials rock song.
Taylor:The Stooges did it better.
Dave: Elaborate.
Taylor: It just sounds like if the Stooges were way tighter.
Dave: Or maybe if the Kinks didn't fight so much.

Avril Lavigne - Sk8ter Boi
Dave: Is this Bon Jovi? dont tell us. Is Pat Benetar back?
Taylor: I'm sorry I hate high school lyrics like this. It grosses me out to picture some 50-year-old A&R dude in a limo with her, like [puts arm around imaginary girl], "This is gonna be huge, baby. The kids are going to love this." It's like God! Go right for the fuckin' mallrats!
Dave: Well she's Canadian.
Taylor: She got a nose ring?
Dave: I dont know, but I bet her navel's pierced.
Taylor: No, she's got a tattoo of a dolphin on her butt.

The Vines - Get Free
Taylor: I think these guys suck. This song is real fuckin' boring.
Dave: Avril Lavigne's song is more challenging than this. If you really want to challenge the listener give them some of that Canadian stuff.
Taylor: This is just, like, buy your angst at the local Kmart.
Dave, does this Nirvana sound bug you at all?
Dave: It doesn't bother me that much.

Christina Aguilera - Dirrty
Taylor: I'd rather discuss the video. The song doesn't even matter!
Dave: It's a serious career shift.
Taylor: Yeah, like when Guns N' Roses went from Welcome To The Jungle to November Rain. I don't know if it's going to work out for her.
Dave: I think it promotes group sex: it promotes lesbianism.
Taylor: She's a little slut! Just kidding.

Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You
Taylor: Ugh! I'm sorry, Mr Timberlake!
Dave: This is Justin? It sounds like Michael Jackson.
Taylor: Are there young boys in the video? Justin tries to dance like Michael Jackson - he even has the hat on.
Dave: Here's the deal with Justin. I'll go rent Breakin' 2 and put on Thriller, and there you go.

Kylie - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Dave: Killer song! No question! You're getting ready to hit the clubs, put this on. It's got an old nursery-rhyme melody to it - un forgettable.
Taylor: Kylie - I'm proud of her.
Dave:I've got to say I can't stand it when a singer dances - except for Kylie.
Taylor: Freddie Mercury.
Dave: Freddie didn't dance; he pranced.
Taylor: This songs way better than that Christina Aguilera - Aguilerica.
Dave: I've got an idea! Let's start a Christina Aguleria metal cover band - do all her songs but heavy metal, and call it 'Aguilerica'.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By The Way
Dave: What's this song about?
It's about a girl he wants to sleep with who's coming to the show.
Dave: Isn't that what all their songs are about?
Taylor: That's what all our songs are about.

Kelly Osbourne - Papa Don't Preach
Dave: I dig it! She's got a good voice man.
Taylor: I bet that's dave Navarro playing guitar.
Dave: He definitely sounds pierced.
Taylor: Whoever's playing guitar has his tits pierced, so it's probably Navarro.
Dave: I'm into Kelly Osbourne. She's the snotty punk-rock kid at your high school - but deep down, she's kinda sensitive.

Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
Dave: Is it a car commercial? You could sell a ton of cars with this song. (adopts portenous car commercial voice) Ford Aspire.
Taylor: A new wave in technology.
Dave: The new Ford Probe!
Taylor: Feel the power. Next!

Eminem - Without Me
Dave I love this. Great song no question.
Taylor: What's so cool about Eminem is the rhythms of his melodies - he's a step ahead of everybody with his flow. As far as I'm concerned, there's him, Snoop and Kool Keith.
Dave: So good! So Hilarious!
Taylor: Awesome. He's no dummy. He's an intelligent motherfucker.
Dave: Even Moby probably likes this song.

Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
Taylor: What the hell is this shit? Is it someone's piano recital? Who's Vanessa Carlton?
Dave: Some girl who plays piano.
Taylor: It's kind of like the new Bruce Hornsby. Does the Range play with her? Nah, I don't like it.
Dave: Flashdance.

System Of A Down - Toxicity
Dave: Badass sound.
Taylor: I like the fact music like this is...
Dave: ..challenging people.
Taylor: I'd rather listen to early Genesis or early Rush, just because it's more nostalgic, but it's fucking awesome to me that shit like this is popular.
Dave: Agreed.

Shakira - Underneath Your Clothes
Dave: Shakira sounds like she's got a fuckin' booger in her throat that she's got to cough out. She's like sex education in junior high where you see the cartoon diagrams of a penis entering a vagina; it's just caricatures of sex. That's how I see Shakira. Does that make any sense?
Taylor: No, but I say we leave it at that

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