"Noise & Confusion"
Radio One

Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters on their Oasis co-headline show

Taylor I don't know why the fuck we're doing it in the first place really.
Nate Why are we doing it?
Taylor They must be fucking paying us a load of bread. I don't think we should do it. We covered 'Lyla' and they asked Noel and he said it sounded like a heavy metal band covering his song, or something. They said 'What song of the Foo Fighters would you cover?' and he goes "None of 'em". Which is great! If you get put down by Oasis you're really on your way.
Dave They asked if we would co-headline the show with them.
Chris They're doing graveyard.
Dave They've got clean-up. That's what they're doing.
Chris (laughs)
Dave I wonder what we're gonna play? My guess is the majority of those people are Oasis fans. So I don't know how much Oasis fans know about the Foo Fighters.

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