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Mojo, February 2021

Dave Grohl imagines new Foo Fighters, the stage, 30-year Nevermind box.

When Dave Grohl played MOJO a selection of songs from the upcoming Foo Fighters album, Medicine At Midnight, back in February 2020 at his Los Angeles studio, he of course had no idea that a global shutdown would arrive the next month. Now, he's already thinking about a swift follow-up long-player.

"We started talking about maybe recording another record in the downtime," he says. "But who fucking knows?" During the long months of lockdown, Grohl did some remote drumming recording for others and wrote short stories posted up on |nstagram. Foo Fighters reconvened at their Studio 606 rehearsal room in September and thrilled once again in making loud noise together.

"When the six of us sit in our rehearsal space and play, it feels just as good as if there were a stadium full of people there," he enthuses. "Everyone has a stronger appreciation of being in this band than we ever have. Even just picking up an instrument to play with Taylor and Pat and Nate and Chris and Rami, that fills my heart now."

A series of European festival shows for summer 2021 has been posted up on the Foos' website, but Grohl is obviously not entirely sure whether they'll happen.

"To do anything within the new regulations and restrictions is really overwhelming," he stresses. "Just for us to go to our studio and rehearse, we're tested at least three or four times a week. The hard part is that we're not in control of any of this. And when I say 'we' I mean the human race (laughs).

"I still get calls from my manager saying, 'Hey, d'you wanna play Mexico City?' And I say, 'Yeah, of course...when?' 'Next summer.' I'm like, 'All right, fuck it. If it can actually happen, I'll be the first one there.' Realistically, I have no predictions at all. I don't know. I would imagine next summer, next autumn, we'll hopefully be out there doing shows."

There are also whispers of a 30th anniversary Nevermind box set for 2021, which will likely be put together by Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic. "I honestly have not heard anything yet," says Grohl. "But I would imagine that if we're gonna do it, we'll do it right. Krist is responsible more than most people would think for a big part of the Nirvana aesthetic.

"I don't know what the fuck will be on it," he adds. "I mean, we only recorded 12 songs or whatever. It's not like we went in and made, y'know, The White Album outtakes. It was pretty streamlined."

Above all, Grohl's biggest hope for 2021 is clearly to get back out there and on-stage. "I miss everyone, I miss everywhere," he says. "I imagine that we're gonna walk out on a big stage with a big audience and it will be the most emotional, cathartic, fucking beautiful release.

"The same way, y'know, in movies two lovers run in slow motion through a field of flowers then collide in a passionate embrace. That could be what the next Foo Fighters tour will be like, every fucking night (laughs). And I'm really looking forward to it."

Words: Tom Doyle

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