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Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins on 'There Is Nothing Left To Lose'

Tell us about the album.
Dave We recorded the album in my basement. We didn't have anyone else involved; just us, this basement and some old recording gear.

You've got a new label. What's that all about?
Dave We should just tell people we got dropped: 'We only sold a couple of million, they weren't satisfied so they booted us.' We should tell people that they tried to get us to do demos, but we pissed on the presidents desk....

The previous albums have gone down a storm. How do you think this one will fare?
Taylor It's weird, I can't see anyone over here right now liking what we're doing. It's Robbie Williams and all that kind of stuff....but the rock stuff? Who's that band from Scotland who are kinda big right now? Travis?
Dave I like that music.
Taylor I don't.

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