Foo Fighters playing in paradise

The Honolulu Advertiser 2000

Foo Fighters, the rock band known for such hits as "Breakout" and "Learn to Fly," is visiting Hawaii for concerts in Honolulu tomorrow and on Maui the next day. We caught up with bass player Nate Mendel. Mendel, 31, calls Washington state his home, and hes visited Hawaii once before, when the band played here about five years ago.

HA: What do you plan to do while in Hawaii?
Nate: I want to go surfing.

HA: If you could spend an entire month somewhere in Hawaii, where would you stay and what would you do?
Nate: Id probably want to find the most remote island and stay on the beach.

HA: When you were a kid, what were you concerned about? What did you do for kicks?
Nate: Trying to get out of school! I liked to race BMX bikes and also go skateboarding.

HA: Whats your definition of fun? What do you consider 'paradise'?
Nate: What I think of as fun and 'paradise' is a particularly sunny day after a big snowfall.

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