Edgefest magazine 1998

What makes you shake your booty?
Sly And The Family Stone
Taylor: When itís on fire
Franz: James Brown

What would your 'Spice' name be?
Felony Spice
Taylor: Daddy Spice

The one album to listen to if you want to be a rock star:
Any Stone Temple Pilots
Taylor: Bush
Franz: 'Frampton Comes Alive' by Peter Frampton

Favorite rock star move/pose:
The overaged petulant child stance (see Calvin Johnson)
Franz: Freddy Mercuryís poses

Strangest thing youíve ever been given to autograph:
A small child
Franz: Someoneís shoes

Which high school clique did you belong to?
The disenfranchised
Taylor: Stoners / Losers
Franz: Frocks (A combo mix of freaks and jocks)

If your going to mosh to Foo Fighters at EDGEfest, donít screw around - or you might hear from Foo frontman Dave Grohl.

At a rock fest in May, Grohl stopped the band until an apparently injured mosher was determined to be alright; when a mosh-girl had her shirt torn off, Grohl gave her the shirt off his back.

They say nice guyís finish last, but Dave rules the music world. The 1995 Foo Fighters debut album - spurred on by the huge success of the 'Big Me' single and video - went double platinum (200, 000 sold in Canada) and earned several 'best new artist' awards.

1997ís The Colour And The Shape has done equally well: 'Monkey Wrench' (with a Dave-directed video) drove viewers, listeners and audiences wild. The latest single 'Walking After You', was recorded at a studio as a demo-style track. "It was the moment", says Dave. "Iíll never be able to capture that again."

But he did add a few instruments for the movie mix, which recently turned up on the X-Files movie soundtrack. Grohl has also appeared as an extra on the TV show, and at press time, series star David Duchovney is a hotly-rumored candidate to direct the 'Walking After You' video. In fact, Grohlís been doing a lot of film work: He composed the music for the movie The Touch, and the Foos contributed a song, 'A320', to the Godzilla soundtrack.

Never one to sit still, Grohl has also shifted bandmates since Foo Fighters first started. The current line-up is guitarist Franz Stahl, bassist Nate Mendel and drummer Taylor Hawkins. Theyíre playing the Glastonbury and Reading Festivals in England this summer, and are expected to start recording a new album this fall.

Donít forget to mind how you mosh.

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