"For most of this record, I didn't even bring a guitar!"

Total Guitar, December 2023

Inside the Foos' M.O.

How much of this album was recorded at the band's HQ Studio 606?
To he honest, I'm not sure what we recorded where! Some of it was at Studio 6o6, but the meat of the record was done at our producer Greg Kurstin's studio. He's got such a ridiculous collection of guitars, amps, pedals, everything you need. For most of this record, I didn't even bring a guitar!

You didn't even use your beloved '57 Goldtop?
No! I figured I didn't need my '57 if he's got all these beautiful Les Pauls, Teles and Jazzmasters lying around. I'd just look through the collection and think, `Oooh, we'll use that today!' As things were trucking along, it became my mission to not use any of my own gear on this album!

The album's closing track, Rest, really takes the listener on a journey - from brooding acoustic simplicity to orchestrated fuzz...
There's a lot of layers on that one, for sure. It's a big sound, no doubt! Because I didn't bring any of my stuff, I have to text Greg from time to time asking, 'Hey man, what did we put on my guitar for this part?!' And he'll do his best to help me find the formula! What I remember most is that we had so much fun making the album.

And is there one song that you love more than any other?
If I had to pick just one, my favourite tone was on Under You. I don't know what the fuck that pedal was because Greg had some really cool vintage stuff, but I think it was this old wah-wah that also had overdrive. He was operating it and doing the wah-wah as I was playing, and we did it all in one take. We actually had made a version of that song that was pretty different. The main guitar moment was played as a single-note thing that was more jangly in ways and had less of that rock 'n' roll feel. Then Dave [ came in and said, 'This is too nice, we really need to fuck this song up!' So we were trying to figure out how to do that and I started playing that idea differently. We pretty much did it in one or two takes. The take on the record, from start to finish, is just one take. It's loose and not perfect at all. It's glitchy and pulls from that Johnny Thunders side of my brain, rather than the Randy Rhoads side. It's that punk kinda spirit. I just love the tone we got on that track... it really has some teeth!

Words: Amit Sharma    

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